Wurlitzer Jukebox Parts

The Wurlitzer was the iconic jukebox of the Big Band era, to the extent that Wurlitzer came in some places to be a generic name for any jukebox. (In Hungarian, “wurlitzer” still means “jukebox”, for example – despite Hungarian only using the letter W for foreign language words). Wurlitzer’s success was due to a first rate marketing department (headed by future Indiana Senator Homer Capehart), the reliable Simplex record changer, and the designs of engineer Paul Fuller who created many cabinet styles in the “lightup” design idiom. Another significant factor contributing to Wurlitzer’s success was the end of Prohibition in 1933 and the resulting increase in the market for coin-operated music machines in bars and dance halls. Wurlitzer’s original jukeboxes played only 10 78-rpm records, one side only, later expanded to 24. With the advent of smaller 45 rpm records, Wurlitzer was beat to the punch by Seeburg mechanisms which could play both sides of 50 different records, yielding 100 song choices.[3] Although Wurlitzer ceded the crown of industry leader to rival Seeburg in the 1950s, Fuller’s designs are so emblematic of jukeboxes in general that 1940s era Wurlitzers are often used to invoke the Rock n’ Roll period in films and television. Wurlitzer struggled on for 20 years or so and made one final effort to keep its jukebox business viable with a nostalgic 1971 model called the “1050.” The model didn’t sell well and only 1600 units were produced. The jukebox line was sold to a German company in 1973. Jukeboxes bearing the Wurlitzer name were in production until the company ceased manufacturing in 2013. The German jukebox and vending machine manufacturer which made them was acquired by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 2006. The more recent models are able to play CDs, as well as special edition units with iPod connectivity. Wurlitzer still sells jukebox replacement parts and Wurlitzer jukebox parts. Some popular jukebox models, Wurlitzer 1015, Wurlitzer 1080, Wurlitzer 1080C, Wurlitzer 850 Peacock, Wurlitzer 500, 600, 700, 800. Source Wikipedia
Repro Plastic FOr Original 1015
Wurlitzer 1015 Yellow Plastics
Original 1946-47 1015 Wurlitzer Reproduction Light Yellow Plastics, 11 Pieces Total, New Never Installed. Nice Aged Yellow. Minor Trimming May Be Necessary. These plastics will also fit Antique Apparatus, Rowe, and Seeburg reproduction 1015’s. The plastics will not fit OMT. Discounts Available For Multiple Orders
Price: $325.00
Lower OMT Plastics
Wurlitzer OMT 1015 Side Pilasters
New Wurlitzer OMT Side Pilasters. Discounts Available For Multiple Orders
Price: $215.00
Upper OMT Plastics
Wurlitzer OMT Upper Plastics
Included are three pieces instead of one. These will fit OMT German, minor trimming may be needed. Discounts Available For Multiple Orders
Price: $285.00